Rain or shine . . .

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It was definitely a great idea to go through with the camping trip. Rain and a bit spooky at first, but a lot of liberation with the effort and the feeling of the open road.  We stopped at Greyhound Rock and I saw some lone fishermen casting into the stormy ocean.  I thought of Todd who spent many days doing just that and had finally broken what he called “The Godwin Fishing Curse”, catching quite a few in the last few years.   Spoke to a man with a young boy and he mentioned an abalone farm near Davenport.   A few minutes later we passed a sign they were selling to the public from 10-2 on Saturdays and we got in under the wire. Amee expertly prepared my first taste of abalone, it was amazing.  It rained throughout the night but we were cozy in the trailer. Todd was definitely with us in spirit, he loved camping with us. We read aloud from Thurber (thanks Seth) to Bodhi’s shrieking laughter, those stories always his favorite.  I told Bodhi that from here on we weren’t wasting any opportunities, for tomorrow never knows.   Today we found a mysterious, historic cemetery in Santa Cruz and ended the day at Bean Hollow, our favorite beach on this coast.  No surfing at all due to stormy conditions, but there’s always the Jetty to look forward to.  Shanti was a constant companion, mellowing with age. Thank you world, plenty more in store.

p.s. stopped at The Herb Room, Sta. Cruz, really great place, they gave me some kava for my nerves and I’m liking its calming effect.


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