What if . . . ?

What if you could ask Todd anything?  What if he could hear you when you speak to him?  There’s been a bit about surfing here, but not enough about oblivion, so here we go.

I was introduced to a ‘channel’ this week.  She works out of home in Redding, CA, you talk to her on Skype.  I was told she had this gift since she was a child and that she was ‘the real deal.’  This came from a very trusted source.

I called her.  She found him.  It was definitely him.  She had him ‘on the line’ and spoke to me for 90 minutes this morning.  There were many pieces that she had no way of knowing.  I recorded the conversation and transcribed it.  Things you might want to know:

He’s watching us, he’s looking down on us like an angel. He is surrounded by ‘friends, family’ countless others who have passed on, Tito his dog.   He said to tell everyone that he loves them, that he’s sorry, that there’s nothing they could have done, that he couldn’t have had a better support group.   He wants us to laugh, listen to his prank calls, read the book, laugh and laugh and laugh.  When we laugh we celebrate him, the man who made us laugh and happy, not the broken man.

He has his arm around me, looking out for me, proud of me, comforting me.  He sees our family and friends around a great big table, he is at the head raising a glass.   He asks that we get together as often as possible and laugh and laugh.

“So raise your glass if you are wrong, in all the right ways . . . ”  as the song goes.

Later in the day, I finally caught up with my next door neighbor.   His wife had been a deep coma after a severe aneurism. She was then frozen in suspended animation because her brain was swelling and they feared she would die.  She is back teaching Kindergarten today.  She had many strange experiences on the other side.  She spent lots of time with her father who had passed away years ago.  She is quite certain that the other side is there, she’s been there.

Today was my first real close experience with the other side.  Several people near to Todd have been reporting experiences of communicating with him, of him looking out for them, hearing them when they speak to him, giving them signs, etc.  But so far, this was the closest, deepest, realest experience I’ve had.

Any questions?


6 thoughts on “What if . . . ?

  1. Paul,
    Did you see The Hereafter? If not, you should. It was an extremely moving film with these same issues. My thoughts are with you.


    • I did not see it but will look for it now. “What Dreams May Come” was a favorite of Todd’s, he always felt like it was a connection to my dad. Haven’t viewed it again since . . .

  2. Dear Paul,
    I think the internet and facebook are the hereafter. Looked at from the right angle we can easily appreciate the fact that nothing never dies and all can be referenced. Love,Carol

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