Cling to the rafters.

Cling to the rafters. Cling to your good luck. Cancer and tsunami are coming.  Well, perhaps not literally to you, but something is coming and you can be sure of that.  Cancer, one in three of us humans will get it, one in five will die of it.  Right now here’s my list:  my sister’s life partner, gone last week; Bodhi’s good friend’s dad, fighting; my music partner’s wife, fighting; our neighbor’s son, remission; both my parents, gone of it; and I’m sure you have your own list.   It’s like that Thurber story about the “Get Ready Man”.  He would go around their town in a car with a megaphone on top yelling “Get Ready!! The World is Coming to an End!” One time he wound up in the local production of King Lear and peppered the action with his own commentary, each time the dialogue would pause you’d hear him in the balcony “The World is Coming to and End!”  The audience thought he was part of the play.

Newsweek cover story Apocalypse Now last week, there’s nothing like Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Nuclear Meltdown to start selling t-shirts.  Japan is Melting Down and All I Got Was this Lousy T-shirt.   Other friends flew their children home from Hawaii where they were living and began to pack up their house and family to move to Costa Rica, south of the Airborne Toxic Event, which we have been assured will not reach the West Coast.  We must take this opportunity to demand the careful review of our nuclear safety. California’s two reactors are poorly protected from tsunami, earthquake or similar disaster.   And discussion of the lack of Evacuation Plans was heartening; in 1981 I wrote a song called “Evacuation Plan” bleeding in song that we were totally unprepared for this type of accident and the lack of a plan was proof that the utilities, the NRC and the believing public didn’t understand what they were dealing with, or were just too sleazy.    I was surprised to see the German chancellor immediately respond to street protests by freezing operation of half of their active reactors.

In snow country, amidst the cheap Ludlum paperbacks, we discovered an amazing version of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, the 1992 translation by Sogyal Rinpoche.  Here we see that our everyday life, meditation, sleep, are all rehearsal for our final transition.  You can learn how to die now before it’s too late.  So when the time comes you can embrace the sacred opportunity, use it to make a spiritual leap, an awakening, samadhi, or mahasamādhi in Hinduism, the complete absorption of the individual consciousness in the self at the time of death.  There’s no time like the present to be sure that you’re prepared.

Get Ready!! The world is coming to an end!


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