Behind the music.

The summer I graduated college, Amee was there. She wrote lyrics for my band’s best songs that year, “Light Streams”, “Just Like Me”, “Whether or Not” – all the E-Knock hits (Boston, 1985). When I moved to the East Village and programmed rap records, it was in her living room on East 9th St. surrounded by her oil paintings and stray cats. She spent her days in the ‘running behind buses’ heat, art directing videos for John Cougar Mellencamp, John Scofield, The Fat Boys, Kid’n’Play. When I left to Venezuela, she came there and led me to La Gran Sabana with her insatiable thirst for adventure, and wrote more lyrics this time for Dogon (1988-2000), then tempted me back to NYC. There she made documentary films and I provided the score. We ambled up to the Catskills summer after summer until we found our paradise house in Woodland Valley and bought it together with Todd and Marian. Somewhere along the line I got involved with the jingle biz, we moved uptown, and on June 8th, 1991, we got married in West Saugerties, NY, a mile or so from The Band’s house at Big Pink.

When we moved to San Francisco, Amee ran the town with me and the Spirals. We funked out on Potrero Hill while in Palo Alto she opened worlds through Interval Research, rubbing elbows with Thomas Dolby, Jane Siberry, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel. While my label, NEWdOG Records, produced ambient electronics from my studio in SoMa, Amee nourished our souls and celebrated the rough mixes. When we discovered Burning Man in ’94 (1500 people), she held down the tent while I DJ’d and tripped the light fantastic. We kept on going ’till ’99 (25,000 people) and when Mary Magdelene split into three, Amee was one of them, clad in iridescent blue wings and floating the desert with Zen and Serena – DJ Christ Superstar would not have happened without her. When I scored “The Tribe” for Tiffany Shlain and we created a living room discussion series on Jewish identity at Sundance, it was Amee who engineered the matzoh ball soup, from her own recipe. Amee discovered Music Together and suggested I get involved and start my SF center, which has remained my chief business until today. When The Sippy Cups were born, she attended the birth, coached me on breathing and often played guidance counselor to our toddler and preschool years.

Behind all the music in my life, and my life has usually been about music, it was Amee laying down the backbeat. I couldn’t survive this life without my best friend and sweetest accompaniment – THANK YOU AMEE FOR 20 YEARS!!! And I hope we get 20 more.


5 thoughts on “Behind the music.

  1. Dearest Paul, Totally amazing to hear that you know what you got … and you got a LOT with that Amee by your side! Love to you both! You’re amazing individually and together!

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