The Book of Living and Dying

Dear Friends, I wanted to say hello and let you know what’s been going on with me since I’ve not been posting for many months.

In a year of memorable ups and downs I seem to have found some balance and peace. Much writing, some music with middle schoolers and now working on a solo performance piece based on the stories from my childhood with Todd and the events of this year.

They say that when the Book of Living and Dying is opened during these Days of Awe (days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur), the departed in our families are nearer to us. This has certainly been the case for me, with incredibly vivid dreams of Todd and big heart openings, thoughts drawn to string theory and the limbic system, the spaces between molecules and parallel universes. Haven’t seen “Another Earth” but assume he’s out there somewhere, a few inches to the left or right.

The time in the water has been nothing but glorious. Taking eleven year olds with me and gaining strength from their fearlessness. Now is the sweet time of year on the coast, sunshine and big waves and summer just when you expect autumn. I guess my body has almost adjusted and begun to expect this in October.

Doing major work with Network Chiropracty at Sun Center for Well-Being, making a huge difference with my energy level, balance, brain function, heart healing. Spent a great stint this summer at Napa Valley Writer’s Conference – made new writer friends and found some validation for the work I’ve been doing. Sunday I will head to Banff Centre For the Arts in Calgary, Alberta where I’ve arranged a Literary Residency to focus on the short stories and the other work. At home I’m developing a performance piece at The Marsh, SF. The class I’m in will be presenting our works-in-progress, on Dec. 12th and 13th so locals mark your calendars if you want to see what I’m up to.

Love to all of you and a peaceful autumn.



2 thoughts on “The Book of Living and Dying

  1. Paul, thank you so much for the music yesterday, one of the most joyful Yom Kippur spiritual reflection experiences I’ve had yet with CJC, padding my soul with soft-edged bliss to help counter the jagged edges of Yizkor just an hour later… and there is the synchronicity of your voice singing “You’ve Got a Friend” and then later intoning the names of our dear ones… thank you.

    And Banff! Outstanding. Suggest you do whatever possible to get yourself to the Banff Springs Hotel bar for one of their exquisite (and world-famous) chocolate martinis…

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