Night of Writing Dangerously

I’m off to write dangerously, a six hour marathon to cross the finish line raising $50,000 and writing 50,000 words. I’m at 47,000 and change right now, so there’s no question in my mind I will “Win” Nanowrimo this evening. (everyone who writes 50K is a winner and the prize is . . . )

So thanks for the comments and encouragement and I hope to post some excerpts of the novel here after I’ve gone back and cleaned up this unholy mess of typing.

This sounded completely farfetched to me when I first heard about it. I’m sure many of you have had the same reaction. I’m here to tell you it is not and it can be done, even easily, so write on!!


Dogon again.

Click here to listen to Dogon, “Chet’s Dream”  1-05 Chet’s Dream

Most of my musical life has been wrapped up with Miguel Noya, a Venezuelan electronic musician/composer with whom I first began collaborating in 1981 at Berklee College of Music.  We went on to create many concerts and music CDs and performances and soundtracks in both Venezuela and the U.S.   Notably, in the late ’90’s we recorded three CDs for NEWdOG Records/World Domination/Warner Bros.  These were:  “Notdunjusta” (1997), “The Sirius Expeditions” (1998) and “Redunjusta” (1999).  Here then is one song for your 11/11/11 listening enjoyment.

We hope to get together again this year for some new music-making.

This material has not been available in cyberspace until now.  We plan to add more to this catalog soon and will invite you to enjoy it.

The Laws of Sound

Here then, for your ponderous listening enjoyment is an unreleased solo track.  That’s Bodhi singing on the last chorus with me.

Click me to listen:   Laws of Sound 4

And here is the lyric:

The Laws of Sound

It was in the laws of sound

I would learn to turn around

I would bend, I would barb, I would twist

But then when the child emerged

there was no funeral dirge

what returned was the meaning of this.

Then you could control the mole

he would dig in his hole

but the grass would continue to green

no water and no fire were used

and no weeds were abused

there were holes but no ankles were turned.

These are the laws of the sound:






(c)(r)2010 Paul R. Godwin