Dogon again.

Click here to listen to Dogon, “Chet’s Dream”  1-05 Chet’s Dream

Most of my musical life has been wrapped up with Miguel Noya, a Venezuelan electronic musician/composer with whom I first began collaborating in 1981 at Berklee College of Music.  We went on to create many concerts and music CDs and performances and soundtracks in both Venezuela and the U.S.   Notably, in the late ’90’s we recorded three CDs for NEWdOG Records/World Domination/Warner Bros.  These were:  “Notdunjusta” (1997), “The Sirius Expeditions” (1998) and “Redunjusta” (1999).  Here then is one song for your 11/11/11 listening enjoyment.

We hope to get together again this year for some new music-making.

This material has not been available in cyberspace until now.  We plan to add more to this catalog soon and will invite you to enjoy it.


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