A new.

It’s new here. I’ve left some behind. Last year can contain these things. It was time for releasing.

I spent the week doing some medicine work. Recounting the good and the not so good – all the fragments of my brother found in me, attached to pieces of detritus from the earth, mostly lovely sticks and stones, and yes, they could have broken my bones and the names sometimes did hurt me, but the stuff of earth with thoughts attached was placed safely in a circle, given back to earth.

And after a week of daily practice in this safe, high desert, we picked up these fragments and with Bo and Amee contributing and carrying, brought them to another place, released the directions and set him free. On fire.

And the songs came through me, Indian Sunset, and Fallen Angel and he was released upward into the high desert sky where shooting stars in Pleiades and a thick margarine moonset met us on the edge of 2012.

He should be free and so should we be.


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