Birthday Carol

Here then is a Todd Rundgren song that I wake up singing on most birthdays. You’ll hit play on the youtube link to hear the music. I’ve included some pics of some of my brothers in this world, its nice to have company and of course, all foundation from my family.

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“I was born this very morning, and my brother he was also born.

In our first nine months, we learned to speak and we

have been listening since early morn.

I loved no one but my brother who spent those months me

I hate no one and no other has so far hated me,

but it isn’t yet the afternoon and things are still to be

and when evening comes we all will see.

i am not very old and i won’t live long

i was born this very morning, singing this here song.

Oh my brother, where is our mother?

Is there no other? to live together? to be our other?”

from Todd Rundgren “Runt”


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